Restaurants and
Fast Food

Empty tables, high staff turnover, customer loyalty and more

As you read these lines, somewhere in the city there is a waiter ignoring a customer, a cashier who forgot to issue an invoice, or a customer so unhappy that will never return to this restaurant.

The challenges that restaurants and fast-food services face today are diverse, and for this reason each intervention or consultancy must focus on the customer and his experience with each customer contact point of the business. This increasingly includes outsourced delivery services.

If you have a project, challenge or business problem of your restaurant, you are in the right place:

For 15 years, CLIENTES ANÓNIMOS® has been helping companies like yours to measure and improve these service experiences, aligning them with the results expected in each business unit.

We know the daily challenges of a modern restaurant and fast food chain, and all our experience is at your service

Most required services in restaurants and fast-food:

  • Commercial consulting
  • Mystery shopper
  • Multi-city trainings
  • Effective restaurant management
  • Service workshops
  • Restaurant sales workshops
  • Leadership and high performance teams
  • Service audits
  • Satisfaction surveys and NPS
  • Service Design
  • Business coaching for team leaders.
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