Mystery shopper

Unlike the NPS or other surveys, the mystery shopper tests the performance of your business against the customer

The great strength of the mystery shopper compared to other tools is that it captures objective data about the customer’s experience.

How long did it take to deliver the order? Did they explain the benefits of the product correctly? Did they try to detect the customer’s need before making a proposal? Mystery shoppers reveal everything because they are undercover auditors and they are trained to do so.

For 15 years, CLIENTES ANÓNIMOS® has been helping companies like yours to measure and improve service experiences, with custom mystery shopper programs, supported by evidence and reports in real time.

If you have a project, business problem or a challenge in mind, let us show you how we are helping other leading brands with their mystery shopper programs and other similar projects.

We put all our experience at the service of your company, 15 years as leaders in mystery shopper services

Most frequent benefits and applications of implementing mystery shopper or hidden buyer

  • Audit and improve customer experiences
  • Compare experiences between two or more brands, in multiple cities and settings
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the different channels and customer contact points with your customers
  • Monitor prices and promotions of competing companies
  • Audit of Marketing Agencies
  • Business exploration for affiliate programs
  • Business feasibility studies
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