Except for some exceptional cases, ignoring the competition and what happens in our market can have serious consequences

While price analysis and promotion monitoring are the most common forms for monitoring your competitors, the enormous amount of data available from the market allows predictions and estimates of a competitor’s next actions.

Today, with customized projects and thanks to the available technology, we also help leading companies in the challenge of knowing the actions of their competitors immediately, and even anticipating them, always within the legal limits that each country in the region establishes.

If you have a project, business problem or a challenge in mind, let us show you how we are helping other leading brands with their mystery shopper programs and other similar projects.

What are your competitors doing? How much does it impact your results? If knowing the answers to this questions in real time is relevant for your team, count on us!

Some related projects that may interest you:

  • Price analysis in multiple cities
  • Benchmark of conditions and promotions for the client
  • Competitor radar, complete analysis of what your customers find in the market
  • Listening to social networks or social listening
  • Mystery shopper to find out what other market players say about your brand or products
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