Government and
citizen services

A first class citizen service begins with the commitment of our public servants

Travel by boat for eight hours to evaluate a decentralized office, develop a diagnosis in quechua nationwide, or design a new service for citizen service offices. These are three examples of projects carried out for the Peruvian State with maximum precision.

For 15 years, CLIENTES ANÓNIMOS® has been helping state institutions with training workshops for their employees, specific consultancies and various customized tools.

If you have a project, business problem or a challenge in mind, let us show you how we are helping local governments, Ministries and other state institutions in the challenges to better serve our citizens.

From service diagnoses throughout the country to the complete redesign of customer care, we have the experience your team needs

Most required services in Local government, Ministries and others:

  • state institutions:
  • Service diagnostics
  • Incognito user / unexpected visits
  • Supervision of outsourced campaigns and actions
  • Multi-city trainings
  • For officials
  • For teachers and students
  • Service Design and Customer experience (CX)
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