We create learning experiences for entrepreneurs and sales forces

At Clientes Anónimos, we are convinced that talent is what makes the difference in a company, and developing that talent is the best way to achieve great experiences.

Although we started as a mystery shopper and service auditing company, very soon our clients began to ask us for training, and then to recommend us to other companies.

This is how our training service started and has grown. Today, we complement training activities for large commercial teams, whether they have hundreds of representatives or are located in dozens of cities. 

​ If you have a project, business problem or a challenge in mind, let us show you how we are complementing commercial training for sales forces, chains and dealer networks in multiple cities.

The training helps the team reach the sales goal and to make them feel comfortable in front of the customer in the different situations in which we hope they will act as brand ambassadors without overlooking their results

Some of the most requested trainings by our clients:

  • Full day of teamwork
  • Full day for high performance teams
  • Sales techniques
  • Handling difficult clients
  • Business models with CANVAS methodology
  • Basic Negotiation
  • Complex Negotiation
  • Other workshops and events tailor-made for each company
The next step:
From this moment, everything you tell us is absolutely confidential.